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Political Science
Todd Alway

Political Science 1G06 2013 Lecture 2b Historical Trends in Democratic PolitiesMost obvious Extension of the franchiseNearly all adults now have the right to voteWhy has political participation become more inclusiveThere is an irony to the history of the extension of democracy A peaceful democratic public sphere one within which dialogue rather than force determines outcomes only came about through force and one step at a time rather than all at onceIn the past sustainable peaceful democracy has usually been prefaced by violence as the old power structures had to first be destroyed before a new one could take its placeWhile this may have been the case in the past does the creation of democracy in the present require violenceCriticisms of modern democracyAccording to critics despite the extension of the right to vote to almost every adult within a democratic state modern democracy still has limitations1How much influence do the people actually have on the legislative processThe electoral process is structured in such a way that the people are far removed from government2 How to manage the tension between the will of the majority and the rights of the minorityIn Canada the Charter of Rights and Freedoms manages this tensionShould this type of Power against democracy be entrusted to an unelected Court3Over what areas of life should the people be able to exercise democratic controlWhat determines whether something is a public issue and therefore subject to democratic oversight or a private issue and therefore not subject to democratic oversight1
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