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Lecture 9

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Todd Alway

Political Science 1G06 2013 Lecture 9a The StateThe state as an institution has a historyIt is not the only way of organizing political authority and political community What is the stateAccording to Dickerson and Flanagan A state is defined by the joint presence of three factors population territory and sovereigntyA state exists when a sovereign power effectively rules over a population residing within the boundaries of a fixed territoryNote that all of the bolded terms have a history that needs to be further explored1 SovereigntySovereignty is not just a conceptIt is an institution with its own historyAs an institution sovereignty has both internal and external aspectsInternal aspectsIn theory sovereignty implies that there is a clear hierarchy of rule within the stateThere is one final source of authorityThis does not mean that there are no other sources of authority within the stateHowever the sovereign is recognized as having the authority to overrule all othersGraphically A pyramid of authorityExternal aspects recognitionThere is also a second aspect to sovereigntyat least when we are talking about sovereignty as a guiding principle of the international systemTo be effectively practiced sovereignty is something that must also be recognized by other sovereignsIn the modern context sovereigns at least in principle acknowledge that there are limitations to their own authoritythat their legal authority does not extend outside of their own state1
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