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Lecture 12

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Political Science
Todd Alway

Political Science 1G06 2013 Lecture 12a Transitions to democracyIs authoritarianism anachronisticIs the spread of democracy on a global level inevitableHistorical trendsAccording to Samuel Huntingtons The Third Wave of Democracy democracy has expanded in 3 major historical wavesWave 11820s until 1920s29 democraciesReverse wave beginning in 192212 democraciesWave 21943 until 196236 democraciesReverse wave throughout 1960s30 democraciesWave 31974 until 117 states Freedom Houseas of 2012 The question now being asked is whether democracy will continue its forward march whether the advance of democracy has stopped or even whether we are on the precipice of a third reverse waveHuntington argued that there were five factors contributing to the rdoccurrence and timing of the 3 wave1 A Deepening legitimacy crisis in authoritarian regimes that had based their authority on a meansends justificationBy the 1970s it was apparent that at least some authoritarian statesformer high growth stateswere stagnating economicallyParticularly centrally planned economies2 Rapid economic growth in 1960s 70s 80sAt the same time other marketbased authoritarian states experienced sustained economic growth1
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