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Lecture 10

POLSCI 2C03 Lecture 10: L10-Privitization

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Greg Flynn

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 Effects Privatization Definition As a shift in public functions away from the government to private actors Private actors (not necessarily for profit) but shifting to the broader private sphere (could be prisons or other things like police, victims (different than the public interests)) Argument gets the the deeper concern that is about substituting public actors to private actors (away from government and into the private spheres of activity) Police Historical Development Becomes easier to As the 20th century progressed, the police became more associated with social control and they abandoned some activities like security guards, the escorting of criminals or significant people, BRINX, also have regulated labour alongside private corporations with the use of force Those activities were historically done by the police but now a lot of it is being done by private forces We see private policing in our everyday life Private Corporations are making sure citizens are being monitoring safety with for example an alarm system Continued and widespread use of private policing and by continuing be concerned with law and order politics that it continues to grow We dont have see that the state has left us to procure our own safety We see that it is increasing because: By limiting its resources, the state cannot provide us with everything so we take it upon ourself Private Functions: Like guarding of homes or individuals The increase of law and order politics (the notion that we are not safe in our society is just not true) for political or corporate gain pushes the use of private policing Problems Lack of Accountability 1
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