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Lecture 5

POLSCI 2C03 Lecture 5: L5-Torture and Surveillance

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Political Science
Greg Flynn

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 Lecture 5Torture and Surveillance Surveillance DEFINITION FORMS Traditional versus ModernTechnology Has gone away form the general stakeholder view to more so web and credit card surveillance, cell phones Carding: This is a notion of surveillance Stopping individuals that seem to be suspicious and just asking them for identification Purpose is not just asking for identification but gather information about those people and who they are connected to Left up to individual police departments to decide if they want to use it, leading to differential police techniques CAUSES OF INCREASING USE We live in a more surveillance society, especially since 911 Not just about the commission of crimes, but establishing databases of possible bad guys and terrorists Move towards proactive policing Reality is that surveillance isnt just to catch criminal things but all things Technology The state can have surveillance on you through technology Much easier than it ever could in the past Our possession of technology that makes our life easier allows the state to watch over our life much more than ever before Globalization It is great in some ways but criminal organizations also responded to globalization Moved their organizations into a global environment International criminal organizations as stereotypical of the mafia to recent developments like biker gangs o even more different types like human smuggling 1
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