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Lecture 8

POLSCI 2C03 Lecture 8: L8-Methods-Post Incarceration

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Greg Flynn

Friday, March 10, 2017 MethodsPost Incarceration In provincial and federal facilities, you can get parole Full and Post Incarceration The question to ask if what happens to an individual that serves out the full time of there incarceration Notion of truth of sentencing is gone (fallacy that it assumes that a judge that sentences someone at 5 years they are likely not actually to serve that full 5 years). So if a judge says they need to sentence them to 2 years, they will sentence them to 6 because they know they most likely will only serve 2 If someone serves their full sentence, they are allowed to go free and the state can no longer supervise their activities If someone, who by mental illness is deemed to be a danger or continuing danger the state can continue to incarcerate them (it is done in a secure hospital facility, there are only two in Ontario) You dont have to be found guilty to be put here The state can incarceration beyond a sentence because of a mental illness Dangerous Offender: Can keep after the maximum the act committed was veer heinous 2 Someone that was incarcerated 10 years ago and come out when society is completely different and setting them up to fail again Sometimes loose its logic that not rehabilitating them We choose incarceration as the last resort because it has serious negative consequences for society and the people themselves Conditional Release (Parole) Process Similar at federal and provincial levels The first thing is as soon as a offender is incarcerated they are given an early release date (depending on what and how long they have been sentenced) Release Plan Then an offender generates a release plan that has a lot of information concerning where they will live, employment possibilities and what treatment options they might need (drafted by offender). Then given to a probation or parole officer that conducts a community assessment 1
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