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Lecture 4

POLSCI 2C03 Lecture 4: L4-Criminals and Victims

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Greg Flynn

Friday, February 3, 2017 ActorsCriminals and Victims Squeegee kids Government prohibited this activity Used the full coercive power of the state to stop these people Quasi criminalized Aggressive panhandling What we describe as dangerous depends on the circumstances Is something like sexual orientation so dangerous we have to criminalize it Targeted to particular communities Influences on Crime INFLUENCES Religion Corrupting the morals of a child like adultery or being drunk around children We might say people are criminal from a religious point of view Correlated sin with criminalization Prostitution is legal in Canada Medicine and Science We still see that beliefs with medicine and science dictate things as criminal Mental illness was identified in the 1950s as causing people to be a danger to community Weed is illegal because of something found in the 1920s but no real systemic evidence because government doesnt do research on it PostSeptember 11, 2001 Particular groups to a danger of our society Muslims of all kinds were terrorists so the social understanding of things can lead to criminalization DEVELOPMENTS 1
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