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Lecture 7

POLSCI 2C03 Lecture 7: L7-Sanctions and Prison

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Political Science
Greg Flynn

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 Lecture 7Sanctions and Prison Sentencing Options DischargeAbsolute or Conditions Incarceration Classification of Facilities Municipal Jails Ideally they are very short periods of incarceration when someone waits for a trial This gives us an understanding why the court might in fact be so concerned with what we might think is a short period of time Bail: Would it be that big of a deal if they didnt have a trial for a long time Everyone is entitled to bail but there is a financial price paid high enough to make them come back to their court day. Will not get bail if there is a danger to society, crime is sufficient severity or there is likely hood that heshe wont come back to society Incarceration: Warehoused Provincial Prisons Maximum security 2 years or less Federal Penitentiaries Individuals who are serving 2 years or more Tend to have the rehabilitation series We have a special handling unit in a prison that handles extremely dangerous prisoners can go Offender Characteristics Disproportionately male More males in the criminal justice system than women Highest growth rate in demographics in the last ten years; female is growing more than any other 1
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