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Lecture 3

POLSCI 2C03 Lecture 3: L3-Actors

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Political Science
Greg Flynn

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 Actors Who Exerts Control vs Who is Controlled? State versus Society Indirect: We dont want you to undertake an activity and if you want to do it you will have to pay for it Smoking The Police Qualifications 18 years of age Graduated High School Depending on Police Force you need to be a Canadian citizen Valid Drivers license First aid and CPR certification Person of good character Physically fit Pass a hearing test Depending on jurisdiction you need to be able to speak english or french You will have to pass a background check Some need to have 2040 vision You need to obtain a Chief of Police Certificate In order to achieve these certificates it is administered by a private corporation who is happy to take your money In 2015, 70 of new hires in Toronto had some type of postsecondary education Training: 1824 Weeks, Tactical, Academic, Physical Fitness Duties Crime Prevention 1
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