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Lecture 8

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Political Science
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Peter Graefe

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2F03 March 11 2014 lecture 8Citizenship regimes argument from Jenson and Papillon 200145 from ancient greece through the end of feudalism the building of the stmodern European state to the dawn of the 21 century citizenship has been about two relationshipsthe status of members of a political community in the face of political authoritythe relationships of mutual support and solidarity that exist among such members because they are members of that communitycitizen regimesregime dimensions rights and responsibilities limits to state responsibility full and partial citizenship clean water v right to childcare buy it in the market access routes to influencemost of what weve been looking at in this course so far what are the mechanisms where people have access to influence to put pressure on the state and make changes with neoliberalism the routes to power have shifted Miriam Smith With political parties and movements and interest groups for instance belonging boundaries of inclusion and exclusion what is the nature of the shared community linkages to other people who share in citizenship but what is the nature itself Meanings of multiculturalismpopular ethnocultural diversityacademic a model of thinking about the relationship of ethnicultural diversity with democratic political institutions Stands in comparison to procedural liberalism republicanism interculturalism etccan we change institutons to reflect ideas from other cultrues Should we do thisPol theory has taken the cultural homogeneity of culture has a givenonce you add ethnocultrual diversity we think of whether old answers are sufficient anymore Should we challenge theseAcademic meanings Integrationistprocedural liberalismIntegration will happen in a free market sense as a result of free flow of interaction among individuals Free market of ideas being pushed through existing institutions Some argue these institutions bare the mark of existing culture so is integration free market or reflect power of majority setting the normsRepublican The argument that ultimately citizens should relate to one another on the basis of being equal citizens and the founding principles of the republic Despite
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