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PS 2F03- January 7 2014; lecture 1.docx

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Political Science
Peter Graefe

PS 2F03 January 7 2014 lecture 1PoliticsNarrow View Focus on the StateoWho tries to shape itoWhat does the state donot dooWhat impacts of State actioninactionoBroad View Focus on RelationshipsoRelationships involve ongoing negotiations of powerPluralismis relatively dispersed and has multiple sources financial time expertise ability to mobilize othersindividuals have a variety of interestslineup of individuals in interest groups varies greatly across issue areas people may be opposed to one another on one issue but in agreement on anotherPluralisma result one cannot say that one group rules as people will win and lose across issue areas and even groups who have concentrated one resource say money may lose to opponents who have mobilized other resourcesfocus is on the role of organized interests in affecting policy outcomes Partisan competition exists largely as a check on narrow interests who grow too powerfulis no clear public interest in any policy area rather the public interest is served through the working of the system which allows multiple interests to be heard and to affect outcomes through bargaining and negotiationA problem with PluralismWhat about the stateoDoes the state have autonomy from groups Does it have expertise and
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