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PS 2F03- January 14, 2014; lecture 2.docx

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Political Science
Peter Graefe

PS 2F03 January 14 2014 lecture 2Idea of linking society to the state serious of practices that link the police legal system practices of patrimonialism link inds with elites with ref to flows of resources Theres linkages upward and downwardlocal notables that might feed local public opinion and concernsdecentralized bureaucracy What are the mechanisms that society tries to change the state Parties through elections we elect officals to represent our concerns and ideas in society as a direct linkage to the state How do political parties serve a democratic function or purposeOrganize elections and provide us with choices cons Lib NDPoIs this a good way to connect citizens to stateThe democratic essense of pol parties to allow citizens to connect with themDefinitionsPolitical partiesoPublically organized groups of people who are motivated by some common set of political ideas and whose goal is to have their particular members win public office so that those ideas can be put into practice oLook at politics as a competition of which set of ideas govts will translate as what they do or dont do oParties thus become a switching point of where ideas are connected to political power partisan competition Types of parties are these the be all end all or is there a hybridCadre cadre of elected officals who determined who would winstrategyideas thoParties t
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