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Lecture 3

PS 2F03- January 21, 2014; lecture 3.docx

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McMaster University
Political Science
Peter Graefe

PS 2F03 January 21 2014 lecture 3Declining voter turnout Members perceptions of influence of certain groups in canadaPollsters go too far in watering down party platformsParty should do more to encourage local associations to discuss public policy Ordinary membersriding association doesnt have enough influence while pollstersparty leaders have too much influence Democratic linkage can our voices permit change What about accountability between member and constituent Can we have a mandate to provide a basis for judgment on performanceDeclining voter turnoutThe way western electorates think about voting and elections cant just blame it on brokerage partiesOur people are not participating these conventional means are too unresponsive and inauthentic demands to give up some individuality to submit ourselves to be part of a liberal partywe might be giving something upAre we not smart enoughIf this is supposed to be the link from citizensgovt why isnt it working Why dont we care anymore Is it because of coke v pepsi No difference Post democracy Colin Crouchwhile elections certainly exist and can change govts public electoral debate is a tightly controlled spectacle managed by rival teams of persuasionpolitics
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