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Political Science

Course Poli Sci 2H03Subject Clash of CivilizationsSamuel HuntingtonInstructor Dr VermilyeaSection Evening T01Date Oct31 2012Clash of CivilizationsHuntington ignores economyWhat matters is cultureGreat conflicts will be based on cultural issuesNation states will remain the most powerful actors in global affairsPeople are no longer the objects of historycolonialismPeople are starting to have their own voice and shape history following the Cold WarDivision between 1st 2nd and 3d world is becoming irrelevantInstead of grouping countries in terms of economic terms must group them in terms of culture and civilization What does Huntington mean by civilizationCivilization is a cultural entityVillagesregionsethnic groupsnationalitiesethnic groups all have distinct cultures in some wayCivilization is the highest cultural grouping of people and the broadest form of cultural identityDefined by common objectives language history customs institutions and the objective selfidentification of peopleWestern civilization has 2 major variantsEuropeanNorth AmericanBoth encompassed by broader cultural civilizationsPoints mainly to Muslims as people clashing with the WestProof that their traditions are antithetical to the basis for Western idealseg individual freedom separation of religion from politics protection of minorities from tyranny of the majorityHuntington is hostile to Islam Why will civilizations clashCivilizational identity will become increasingly importantShaped by interaction among 7 or8 major civilizationsInclude Western Confucian Japanese Islamic Hindu SlavicOrthodox Latin American and possibly African6 main reasons for the clash of civilizations1 Differences among civilizations arent just real but very basicDifferentiated by history language culture tradition and religionProduct of centuries and wont soon disappearMore fundamental than politicaleconomic differences2 the world is becoming a smaller placeGlobalizationInteractions between people in different civilizations is increasingAs these interactions increase civilization consciousness between different groups increasesRather than the idea that crosscultural contact will improve relations it will create increasing hostility between groups and fundamental differences
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