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o Explain war by either individual decisions, what‟s going on in the states, or international system  Level of Analysis: o Individual  Leaders  their effectiveness, whether they make good decisions, whether there is pressure on them  Point to their ability  Human Nature  thinking about what is that drives humans in terms of their human nature  Are we inherently greedy? And therefore our actions are greedy? Are we insecure and fearful of what will happen to us and therefore we seek for more power to secure us..  To look at why war happens, or why conflicts occur o State:  Political system/ Society, domestic politics, economy  Institutions – ie. Authoritarian vs. democratic  Choose conflicts to boost the economy? Or does it boost popularity? o International  Balance of power  The most powerful states in the world balance one another and when that goes in whack states might fall into conflict to rise those power o Global  Anarchy, Rise of Nationalism, Technology Change (Nuclear Weapons)  Anarchy where there is a system of states and have no higher authority over them , there is no chaos but just the states are on their own and have to survive  Rise of nationalism: drive states to an idea of being the motivation for shift of nation or states
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