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Lecture 13

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Political Science
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13 globalization Security and conflictContentNew Patterns of Conflict and Security in Global EraImpact of Globalization on the rise of new threats and conflictsImpact of New Security Environment on State in Global EraNew patterns of conflict and security in global era1From Interstate War to Intrastate War Civil WarsRevolutionary MovementsCold War PeriodA Boom in Intra State Conflicts civil warsintrastate occurred in weak states non democratic limited resources and are mainly driven by ethnic or religious conflicts in middle east Africa and asia Over time while there has been increase in intrastate the interstate have decreased significantlyhard to talk about wars between states as they are having in a single state between different actorsclassesreligious groupsA significant decline in the death toll in wars over time impacts are small death in s are small with respect to interstate Ethnonational and Ethnopolitical Conflicts in Weak States democratization problems 1Political rights resources and freedoms2The conflict between these groups generates civil war within that country 3Both parties try to utilize mass media army etc and they try to marginalize the other group Distribution of Resources among societal actors1Economy neolib G idea of profit max and self interest DOES NOT always provide opportunities for all actors and instead result in instability in states and lack regulatory mechanisms and unable to distribute resources equally among religion ethnicity and class Short duration of intrastate war less than 6 monthsWhat we experience overtime is the duration of those civil wars become shorter like 70s and 80s was 15 years Now it is around 6 months Rare victories more negotiated e2ndings from 10 to 401In most cases we dont experience victories it is settled through negotiationsThis is due to advances in communication and technology in the global era engaging in civil war using military means do not provide effective outcomes and they need to legitimize their claims at the international forum Using social media and hypermedia effectively Lobbbying actiivites international international organizations take the case of Syria they see negotiation and lobby as most effective tool to remove whatshisname from power military takes too long and might not have expected outcomes 2 International TerrorismRise in the impact propensity of international terrorist attacksOpen and unpredicted targets impossible to predict target and take precautionary actionGlobal ScopeIncrease in fatalities and injuries significantly None of the countries in the world is immune to terrorist attacks They can always be a target at any time After 911 the UK has been a target of al quada same with turkey and spainthe most controversial one was turkey because it has 99 of muslim pop but it was still considered a target Driving motivation of terrorist activities Antisystemic and antiglobalization nature of terrorist movements religious extremism cyberterrorsim ecoterrorism separatist terrorismIn terms of impact propensity left wing and right wing have significant share in the increase of terrorist groups In international terrorism they mainly use bombings but prior to that was mainly shootings or assassinations 3 Transnationally Organized Crime
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