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Lecture 12

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Political Science
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WEEK 12 Globalization environment and climate changeGlobalization and environmentIs globalization a force of progress and environmental solutions Or is it a cause of our current global environmental crisisAnswer globalization is producing BOTH constructive and destructive ecological processesManifold and at times crosscutting effects on the global environment Globalization and environmentHuman impact to environment is not new or unique to globalizationYet in the preglobalization period the scale of human activity has been too small to alter the global environmentinduce climate change deplete the ozone layer empty the oceans or destroy global biodiversity stocksImpact propensity intensity and extensity of environmental hazards in global era More people being affectedRising awareness thanks to globalizationInterdependence increases the costs associated with indirect effectsEcological footprint growing eco footprint of humansIt translates human consumption of renewable natural resources into hectares of average biologically productive land A persons footprint is the total area in global hectares one hectare of average biological productivity required to sustain his or her lifestyle food and water clothes shelter transportation and consumer goods and servicesThe developedadvanced countries are the ones making the biggest footprint are oil rich or industrialized United states Kuwait Denmark new Zealand With people increasing the use of natural resources and exploiting the environment we see environment related catastropieshuge increase in floods storms droughts extreme temperatures High and low These are all products of globalizationNeoliberal globalization economic globalizationNegativeoExtensive commodification and overuse of natural resourcesoGrowing power of TNCs and lower standards on environment eg BhopaloIncreased trade and production growing need for energy and reliance on fossil fuels and nuclear energy global warming and environmental risksoExploitation of resources in LDCs Africa miningoProfit driven decision making vs Sustainable development principlesPositiveoIncome increases and more resources for environmentalismoPoverty alleviation better education allow states to implement sustainable policiesoSearch for alternative sources of energy rising significance of renewable energyoBest practices by MNCs under corporate social responsibility and transfer of technology to less developed areas through FDI
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