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Lecture 11

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Political Science

Culture and identity in global eraContentNational Identity and CultureGlobalization and Multiple IdentitiesDebates over Cosmopolitanism Hybridization and a Global CultureNational identity Reflect social cohesion collective bonds with others familiarity based on definition of yourself Nation states based on national identity shared culture and same sense of belongingshared emotion and devotionIdentities as constructions of being belonging and becoming Defining the self and forging collective bonds with othersTerritorialism and Nationalism The basis of political structureNational solidarity shared devotion to and struggle for a territorial homelandNational identityA Nation requiresSizeable population to be a nation need large pop sharing same ideology and devotionCollective identity attached to territorySelf and the Other dichotomy To be a nation you need to define the other and make historical means with respect to the others like wars with other countries different religions a nations hero might be the enemy of another nationA common history and a constructed mythAs a result nation is this Globalization and identity proliferation of many identities gloablization is rising interconnectedness and diminishing terroritoral boundaries in social relations hence different ways of defining the self Globalization and Deterritorialization nonterritorial identities and solidaritiesIncreased transplanetary connectedness Technology Communication Travel FinancePeople want to connect with and know about what is going on beyond the terrirotiy in which they live inPeople ebecome increasingly internationally connected and overtime the level of connection and the network becomes too complex and took the shape of transplantary connection someones beliefs and ideas are shaped by many forces not just what is happening nationality or having a national identity to Portugal for instnaveother factors in defining the self Globalization and identityNeoliberal Globalization main driving force of diverse self identities CONSUMPTIONunder neoliberal eratoo connected with each other extensive commodificationsource of change isnt national anymore Its much more global At the same time neolib global removed barriers of trade and increase free movmemnt of individiausl and companies and labourFree movement of goods and servicesRise of global consumerismSearch for utilizing the benefits of global markets and productionEmploymentEducation Brain DrainForeign Direct InvestmentEnhanced interactions at new social spaces new ways of defining the self and the otherGlobal Mass MediaHollywoodSocial Media
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