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Lecture 3

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Political Science

2H03 October 1 2013 lecture 3The state and sovereignty in global eraContent Conceptualization of state sovereignty and political authorityThe rise of modern state and sovereignty State in global eraoRetreat of the stateoTransformation of state and entwinement with globalizationoComplex sovereignty and transnational networksPolitical authority Self interested nature of human beings and constant state of anarchy in human affairsoNeed authority to protect welfareSearch for concentrated power within group empire or state Political authority probability that a command with a given specific content will be obeyed by a group of personsoSpecific group admires and obeys rules and decisions of authorityPolitical authorityIs political authority peculiar to the state No there are other ones like specified belowoTribes empires kinship groupsoIts not pecular to the state but states exercise supreme authority over a given territory internally and externallyoState as the supreme authority over territorial jurisdiction StatehoodMonopoly of the legitimate use of physical force within a given territoryo1648 peace of Westphalia and rise of modern statetransformation of European monarchies into state structures with further institutionalization earlier case of monarchies the kingdom has the ultimate power in all areas of social life economy social military cultural affairs but starting with this peace of Westphalia its divided into structure and emergence of substate actorso1789 french revolution and nation statenationalism as the driving force of state building process middle east and Africagenerate a movement towards independencegave birth of nation states consent of those nationalitiesprinciples of statehoodprinciple of sovereignty monopoly of legitimate coercionprinciple of territoriality boundaries of coercion stateprinciple of rational legitimacy political authority based on formal rules and a consistent codified legal orderprinciple of bureaucratic institutionalization exercise of sovereign power permanently reliably and uniformlysignificance of intstitution rely on formation apply same rules among country permant powerthose insitutions create legitimacy and reliability for governance
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