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Lecture 5

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Political Science

2H03 October 15 2013 Lecture 5Global Governance ActorsContentInternational organizationsRising powers of global southTransnational advocacy networks civil society and other non gov actorsEpistemic communitiescommunities of knowledge International organizationsCommon problemscollective solutionsoInternational orgs play key role in searching for collective solution bringing all actors togetherMaximizing efficiency in information exchange transaction costs and welfare generationoGenerate for common goodhumanity for welfare IOs as agents of states vs IOs as independent actors with rational legal authorityoBut in global era are they independent from power and influence of state States are key actors participating in IOs and they see IOs as agents of states Is this true Are they agents of states or do they have independent discretion of power to shape governance with legal authority International organizationsResponsibilitiesoFacilitate cooperation through overcoming market failures collective action dilemmas and incomplete informationoThose orgs create actors with responsibilities and authorityIndependent actors in global governance Powerful in local knowledge and linking local and global these branches are powerful UN high commission of refugees the org itself became an authority with respect to amanging and organizing migration and refugee issues sig power in designing policies to this extent oCreate new interests for actorsOvertime those orgs will be able to change the minds of member states in a new direction security it was seen as a security of territories prior But currently security is not limited with defending borders there is a human aspect to it UN play key role in promoting human security through focusing on casualties in civil wars HR violations in conflict areasWorld bank become knowledgeable and tech experitise IOs become sources of information for member states and non actors International organizationsPrincipleagent theory and IO autonomyoStates as principles authorizing IOs to perform specific tasksoOvertime IOs problem they become too powerfulBureaucratic power try to act as independent beyond interest of member states and drive their power from tech expertiseTechnical expertise information with respect to the issue areaLegitimacy and credibility before the publicoAgency slack overtimeAct as independent actors
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