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Lecture 4

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Political Science
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2H03 October 8 2013 lecture 4 this weeks study questions importantGlobalization and global governance structures and processesContentMultiscalar governance and new actors in governance besides statesForms of multiscalar governanceoTransborder substate governance and government networksoRegionalist governanceoTransworld governanceoPrivatized governanceWeaknesses and strengths of multilevel governanceMultiscalar governanceWhy do we need multiscalar governanceoLimits of state based on regulation in global eraoStates are unable to deal with current problems like international terrorism global warming etc we need new actors to solve these problemsinternational organizations civicl society organizations etc they are powerful with respect to state complexmultilevel form of governaneMultiscalar governanceEmerging global problemsneed for cooperation and interaction at local and global levelsoNeed to cooperate with respect to policy making and collective action at global levelsoThree areas of importanceSharing the planet global warming biodiversity and natural resourcesSustaining humanity alleviating poverty conflict prevention public healthHIVAIDSClear rulebookguidance provide clear roles nuclear proliferation trade and finance intellectual property democracyComplexity in global governanceComplexity in global governanceoInstitutional forms and partnerships rise of new actorsIOs NGOs private actors business groups local authorities epistemic communitiesThey are not significant on their own need total cooperationoForms of organization and partnershipHow and whyIdeas and interests emergeFoundations of underlying values and change in these valuesAn era of global governanceGlobal governance definitionoInformed and formal ideas values norms procedures institions that help all actors states IOs NGOs TNCs to identify understand and address transboundary problemsoMore sites of authority and decentralized authoritymultilevel governanceNo single and uniform trend of decentralization across the globeVaried and alternative governance structures can occur in different settings
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