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Political Science
Sandy Irvine

Lecture Two 150911What is Globalization essay questions next week tutorials next week The integration of the world economy y Economic integration is one of the most advanced forms of globalization Deterritorialisationorthe growth of supraterritorial relations between people The process of increasing interconnectedness between societies such as events in one part of the world more and more have effects on people and societies farawayy It is about interconnectednessy The speed in which people are effected on the other side of the worldA set of processes that embodies a transformation in the spatial organization of social relations and transactionsassessed in terms of their extensity intensity velocity and impactgeneration transcontinental or interregional flows and networks of activity interaction and the exercise of powery The things happening beyond out boundaries more y Tourismat one point was a once in a lifetime opportunity o The intensity in which people travel and visit may be important y Facebook vs lettersthe amount of time in which you make contact is much lessy Velocityit happens quickly o Spread to computers on the internet instantlyy Impacthow much does this impact you o Decisions made on the other side of the world matter to youThey are increasingly mattering more to our lives a globalized world is one in which political economic and cultural and social events become more and more interconnected an also one in which they have more impact y Realms of globalizationpolitical economic cultural HS Definition from the textbooky It is multilayered and multifaceted o A singular process affects a number of different areas y Is it a part of a historical process o It is not revolutionary o There have been precursors to ity Liberal perspective o Modernization o Society and economic practises are developing in a fashion that modernization is taking place Rationality capitalism and individual needs matter
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