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Political Science
Sandy Irvine

Lecture Four 290911 Economic Impact of Globalization on the StateGlobalization as new y Telephone lines 150 million in 1965 to 851 million in 1998 y Mobile Phones up to 305 million in 1998 from 0 in 1978 y TVs 75 million in 1956 to 1096 million in 1996y Transborder companies up from 7000 in the late 1960s to 44508 in 1997 The Environment MGDs WMDy Global Public Policy Issues o Extending beyond the state and require action globally The environment and environmental problemsMGDs about reducing poverty globally Weapons of mass destruction and their controlo Collective action problems Cannot be solved by individual states Require cooperation between a group of statesy Structural global vulnerabilityo Vulnerability to these policy problemsy Why should we be concerned o Solidaritywe should be willing to stand by each other to deal with theseo Social justicedeliver human rightso Democracythese are problems we probably all want dealt witho Policy effectivenessdeal with these problems before they become seriousy Obstacleso Messy institutional map We arent clear on who is responsible for each of these problemso Difficulty agreeing how to address problemsDisagreements about what types of actions need to be takeno Ownershipresponsibilityo Accountability If you are affected enough by one of these problems you should have the right to have a say in how they are dealt with You should be consulted and have an input into the solutionsy Solutions liberal types of solutions o better state coordination o Reenforcing international institutionso Multilateral rules and laws to bind in small and large powers Looking for stronger institutions to deal with these Cosmopolitan citizenship and governancey Global citizenship that gives people a say in global problems
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