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Lecture Six 201011Globalizationthe StateCultural Globalization StructuresProcesses Cultural Globalizationy Homogenization of popular culture o AmericanizationSpread of popular culture music food Is this Americanisationy Canadian popular culture being dominated and influences by America y It is hard to defend ourselves from this Counterargument fragmentation and diversity o Spread of deeper culturalideas values and social understandings Modernization y Idea that a rational legal economically driven consumerist society that you find in the West should be spread as a model for social and economic organization CapitalismconsumerismCitizenship y Human rights o FragmentationDiversity Benjamin Barbers McWorld vs Jihad y Globalization has two effects on societyo Homogenizing factorpopular culture is reflecting American culture around the worldo Fragmentation happens as populations who are offended by or who want to resist this spread of homogenization attempt to fight back and resist these Western valuesy Jihad as a representation of antiWestern ideaso He feels it is not fair to single out a single faith Samuel Huntingtons Clash of civilizationy Realisty Rather than states actually being in conflict with one another the new conflict will be based on civilizationsy Western civilization will conflict with Chinese civilization for exampley Response to the liberal argument that there wouldnt be any more conflicty He talks about 7 civilizationshis understanding of them is fairly general and not specific They are problematicthere are groupings that dont fit
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