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Lecture Seven 271011 Globalization and the StateWeek 8 IOsUN Policy y Policyrefers to the statements of principles and actions that an organization is likely to pursue in the event of particular contingencies o States of principles and certain paths that are recommended for actors to takeo Statement of principlesproviding values and ideas of what should be done in a particular policy ideao UNICEFthe need to protect childreny Policy is what we expect from the governmenty In the international realm global public policy may act as a form of global governance y Three different types of UNsthis is where the UN can be problematic y UN general assembly gives each state a representation in the UN the security council allows the most powerful states to have more say in the way the UN operates o 1 States UNSCUNGA o 2 Secretariat UNSecretaryGeneralHe has his own set of idea The SG is a policy entrepreneurthinks for himself and puts ideas on the table for states to considerThe UN suggests ideas that states should respond too 3Othersconsultants academics commissionsThe UN consults with experts and nongovernment actors Commissions to find out new information about trendsy UN resolutionsnon legally binding policy declarations o State goals that the UN expects states to followy Policy Documentso Important functiono They generate ideas through thissuggesting the types of things states should do y Treatieso Bindingo States have to behave in certain waysUN PolicyInternational Terrorismy Charterpromote peace and security o Makes it central and its first goal to promote security y Post 911 o Resolution condemning acts of terrorism o Resolution 1368 on the selfdefence of terrorismo Resolution 1540Nonproliferation of WMD o Convention for the Suppression of act of Nuclear Terrorismo Convention for Suppression of Terrorist Financing
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