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Political Science
Sandy Irvine

Lecture Nine 101111GlobalizationSecurityCelebrity Diplomacy y Celebrities as policy entrepreneurs and agenda settersy Enabled by their modes ofcommunications celebrity reputation levels of expertisey They generate new ideas and put them into the policy processesy Variety of types of engagement empathy and relief diplomacy and political engagement and antidiplomacySolutions y The stateo We may want more state activity in governance at the global levelo It is the most representative organization however problematic it may beo Be careful about being too critical of the stateo The state may be an important actor that we may want to rely ony Civil society and NGOs o May be undemocraticy Institutional reforms that expand representation accountability and transparencyo Expanding representation is a democratico We need to know what is going on at the global level in terms of governanceo Accountabilitythe decisions being made the people that are impacted by them need to know what they are and decide whether or not they agree with themo Accountability happens at the domestic level when elections take placey We may be losing more public control over the decision making that is increasingly being taken at the international level Questions y Has increases in Global Governance created a democratic deficit y Do we need more state or less to increase democracy y Are NGOs the solution y How should we think about globalization and security o Global markets for weapons commodities and resources that fund small arms and increase the potential for conflicto Rise of actors that can work outside of the political constraints of sovereigntyo The us constructs the other those outside of the US and the state as being dangerous and uncivilized but want to turn around and trade with the and use themo It is a selffulfilling prophecy of insecurityyou treat them as being insecure and yhis creates tensions with populations of the southSecurityy Security is a sense of wellbeing against threats of harm to things one values security can be physical economic environmental or cultural
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