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Political Science
Sandy Irvine

Week 1111252011 92600 AM Other Issues y International Migration and Security y International Criminal Security y Raises important questions o What is the capacity of the state to provide security in a globalized world Seems that state could be increasing its power in combating criminal activity and at the same time not Globalized Crime y Importance of borders to the state y Clandestine transnational actors CLAs o nonstate actors who operate across national border in violation of state laws and who attempt to evade law enforcement efforts Peter Andreas 2002 y Human Trafficking Networks y Challenges for states o Not bound by geographynot limited can move to territories where they are safer and where states do not have jurisdiction to enter because of sovereigntyo Defy traditional sovereigntywhere states have to abide sovereignty these do not have to worry about ito Pit governments vs marketsbenefits of doing business in criminal markets is so high that states are going to have a hard time preventing it because there is so much money to be made o Pit bureaucracies vs networksbureaucracies are particularly slow and poor in countries and networks are mobile and fastery Cooperation and response o Increased levels of cooperationo Strengthen international organizationsinstitutions o Surveillance and intelligence o States thickening their bordersHuman Trafficking y Number last 10 years 100 000 from N Korea to China o 8090 women trafficked Davis 2006 y Estimates as high as 500 000 women trafficked into the EU for the sex trade y 600 000800 000 trafficked worldwide in a year GCIM
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