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Political Science
Sandy Irvine

Lecture Eleven 241111 DevelopmentGlobalizationWeek 12 Final Exam y 2 hoursy Section 1 5 out of 8 Identifications50 o None of these identifies will come from the first five weeks of the classo Define significance why is it relevant to the course materialo Write as much as you possibly cany Section 2 1 out of 2 questions50 essayy Cumulative emphasis on weeks six through thirteeny Same preparation as was for the midtermy Look at the feedback that was left on your midtermy Make connectionseconomics and globalization involves questions about development How Should we Frame Issues of the Environment y Collective action problemsy Tragedy of the commonsface to the bottom o Overuse of common grass was the result of selfinterested actors These actors will peruse the use of that environmental good to their own end and interests If they are not constrained in this activity you will end up over using this commons and it will be destroyed This results in a problem of free ridershipo International organizations provide the regulation to protect the environment though enforcement of certain standardso Relationship between the state and the marketthe environment cannot just be used for profit The state has to protect it at the global level in particular Global Governance of the Environmenty 1972Stockholmo UNEP o UN Environmental Programo Starts with the problem of acid rain and develops into something wider At the early stage there starts to develop divisions of the interests of the north and the south and how to protect the environmenty 1985Brundtland Commissiono Idea of sustainable development Development and economic progress needs to take place in such a way that it is sustainable for generations Development needs to take place without hurting the environment long termy 1992Rip Summito Agenda 21
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