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POLSCI 2I03 Science and Politics

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Political Science
Andrew Lui

POLSCI 2I03 Science and Politics Lecture Wednesday, November 14, 2012. Thomas Lubanga becomes ICC's First Convict [VIDEO]  Taken form news program in Kenya  FBC - getting kids under age of 15 in  Guilty of child soldiers  Girls under 15 sex violence by commanders  Sex violence are not part of accusations  Have not found facts on the issue  The conviction may not have direct bearing in Kenya cases  He awaits his sentence-could be life in prison  But could file for appeal within 30 days R2P - Responsibility to Protect  1997 Ottawa Treaty on anti-personnel landmines  Drawbacks: we did not have any position that supported this movement  We didn’t tell UN about it  Got on board anyway  1998 Canadian government sent people to Rome for founding of ICC  After Rwanda, nothing was being done with the UN to be like, if this happens again, what is the international community going to do?  No such laws in place, even after Rwanda  ICISS - International Commission in Intervention and State Sovereignty in 2000 [no defunct]  Harper defunded it  Canadians found it  Just over a year later, the report: The Responsibility to Protect published in 2001  R2P  PART A: for the first time that this is made explicit, there is responsibility that comes with sovereignty  Sov has always been binary  You either have it or not  No stipulations th
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