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Political Science
Andrew Lui

Article about WTO etc evolving issues in international trade Why the WTO and trips agreement are important because many rich countries in the development world wanted to make intellectual property they didnt want to infringe on private property Example China would sell pirated DVDs of Hollywood movies So during the lead up from making GATT to WTO there were discussions was the issue of property right How do we try to make sure these companies get their fair share of property rights but at the same time the south the underdevelopment countries that were upset about the rich countries were upholding these technologies that detrimental the south particularly in terms of medicine The AIDS virus was discovered around this time 1980s 90s and many countries affected by AIDS about 80 of the adult population carried these disease So if you were in south you were not happy about the rich countries upholding such information from you that could prevent AIDS or raise awareness The article talks about how trips carried intellectual property clause and under certain clause of emergency states are allowed to buy and sell generic drugs it has to meet a certain threshold of national emergency like AIDS malaria TB etc the article talks about why some states can go around the private property clause and have access to such information without the international community having leverage against themHuman Rights Is an increasingly important issue area in IR in tandem with other issue areas Human rights are also interdisciplinary so we need to look at other issue areas to see what they are Origins of human rights are important feature of all political life and have been for centuries the idea of rights is not new The basic idea of rights is not even if we go back to ancient Greek Hobbes Rousseau etc these writers tell us that the idea of rights go back hundred years when we talk about English Revolution French Revolution American Revolution etc they are not a product or adon of something that was there prior something like the war All the revolutions were about rights Rights are and can be confusing because rights talk has become common you hear people invoking the notion of human rights left right and center Many issues in the news are about rights Contemporary issues like abortion gene therapy etcDistinctions between rights and human rights yes the notion of right is centuries old that rights in the classical sense was essentially rights that you may have had as members of certain groups within particular state You werent accredited rights as an individual no matter where you were in the world but you may have had rights because you were a national of some nation or you may have had rights because you werent a citizen of a nationality but belonged to a group in that nation After the French revolution they have the declaration of men and citizens rights were foremost for men and the women were property of men Second this notion of citizenship you only had rights if you were particular member of a group within that country You got certain rights and certain social services if you were French catholic men if you gave something for the state so you fought for the state and state gave something back to you This went on till World War II this classical definition of rights that you an individual only had rights because you were
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