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Final Exam: Part A: Short Answer – 10 marks per question per 1 mark each – 10 marks total Part B: Long Answer – 4 questions, 10 marks each – 40 marks total Part C: Essay – 1 question worth 50 marks. Total: 100 marks 2 hours long exam. Cumulative exam, emphasis be on the second half. Rise of the state and IR theory – midterm. A right or wrong answer to Part A. Part B also has right or wrong answer. Comparison of IR theories on the midterm. Do not make stuff up in terms of trends and theory. Theory will be important in part C. Part A and B particularly emphasized on second half of the year. Compare the theories and their key concepts on the midterm; know how to do comparison of theories. What are the major similarities and differences between two theories- know how to do it. Part C- will have similar comparison questions and will have to apply them to one of the many thematic areas or two or more. What IR is, some of the major questions and major units in IR. Emergence of state and the state system, what precipitated that and how it evolved? Then we moved to theory. And then international laws and regimes, emerging norms of institutions, environment, power hegemony and globalization. The direction the state system is evolving or moving about. Ensure to review the IR theory, ensure you can compare them and know the similarities and differences between them. Know how to apply them to other thematic areas and what your opinion is about them. Construct your thesis in an affirmative way. If one theory has a problem dealing with a certain issue, say how that can be solved or how if another theory can overcome that problem. Go over the midterm and your essay. Plan out your essay – your thesis and arguments that draw upon it. Essay should be structured well. Back your arguments with evidence – know what the trends are, broader events/actors/ norms, you can cite them too. Example: Waltz said this… Part C: use one or more theories to go over one or more thematic areas. Look at the term paper essay questions as an indication of what the essay questions on the exam will be like. Will have some freedom like picking institutions to apply the theory on. Why are human rights regimes far weaker to enforce than trade regimes. Security: didn’t have an essay question in the midterm- will be at least in one of the essay questions. Drawing parallels between these themes, and how they relate to some of the basic concepts and units of analysis in international relations. Key concept is power. Power has much different derogation and has changed over many different derogations- what do power resources look like. When you go through environment, human rights, humanitarian intervention, do power resources change? How to explai
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