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Session1 Political Sci 2I03 Summer 2013

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Political Science
Mark Busser

5/25/2013 7:59:00 AM January: Syria Crisis Continues Arab Spring Protest and changes of government Allegations of Mistreatment and human rights abuses Will the international community intervene? More importantly, should it? January 19 : Gas plant showdown in Algeria. Terrorist associated with Al Qaeda. Among the casualties of the raid. Two Canadians. Homegrown terrorism? January 28 : Timbuktu Airport Seized in Mali Rebellion lead by MLA. Armed Islamist groups. Malian Military Officials took over the government. War crimes and crimes against Humanity. Islamist Group AQIM. Strict form Sharia Law. Humanitarian Intervention th Feb 12 : North Korean Nuclear Test International community condemned the test. Banned North Korea from developing weapons. North and South Korea could escalate. th Feb 19 : Cyber Attacks Exposed Hackers for series of Internet attack companies around the world. th March 5 : Death of Hugo Chavez Socialist policies offered an alternative to capitalist policies March 6 : Filibuster on use of Drones United States Army. Cutting edge on technological welfare. 15 hour filibuster speech against the use of Drones. Obamas leadership on CIA. Lack of political and legal guidelines governing the use of Drones. Constitute an illegal form of judicial execution. Section of Murder, and unfair treatment. th March 16 : UN Commission on Status of Women Last October – 15 year old Pakistani worker for her work as an activist International protests of rape culture – gender, women and sexuality. Rape culture is all over the world. How do these situations come with global politics? th March 25 . Bail out announced for Cyprus. Cyprus to make a deal with international agencies to close down their biggest bank. Cyprians economy could pose a danger that might send the rest of the European down a spiral problem. th April 15 . Boston Marathon Bombings Suspicions of terrorism were discussed immediately. False accusations on Saudi, and Arab students. Two full American citizens. Immigrants from the Soviet Union. Ethnically Chechnya. Many practice Islam, and the conflicts have made these citizens adopt radical views. Challenges on how the movement of people changes the way we look at things. nd April 22 : Terrorism arrests in Toronto Response: Look for root causes of terrorism and extremism OR Response: When terrorism strikes, it is not the time to commit sociology. th April 25 : Factory Collapses in Bangladesh Kills more than 620 people. More evidence on negligence. The building was never intended to be use for the garment industry. Worst accident ever. Used to make the JOE FRESH Clothing. Does affordability come from a sloppy and negligent supply chain? Who bears responsibility for poor and unsafe working conditions at faraway factories producing the things we buy?  Factory managers at local suppliers  Factory managers and the decision makers who order from them carelessly  Factory managers and the decision makers who order from them and the company executives who employ them  Managers, decision-makers, executives, and the consumers who buy the goods demandin
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