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Political Science
Henry J.Jacek

Final Exam  Covers all material in the class especially week 7-12  You have to answer 5 out of the 7 I.Ds International Regime for the Environment  1972-The Stockholm (UNEP)  1985-Brundtland Commission “Our common Future” 1987  1992-Rio Summit “Earth Summit” (Agenda 21; Commission on Sustainable Development) Rio-Forestry  “Non legal binding authoritative statement of principles for a global consensus on management conservation and sustainable development of all types of forest”  The states in the global north developed at the cost of its forests but did not want the developing states to follow the same route  Tropical vs. Forestry  Malaysia’s proposal Solutions:  Technology will be able to allow to find new and innovative ways to protect the environment. Solar panels and wind energy will replace polluting energy.  Privatize the environment and enclose the commons.  Market authority- carbon tax, carbon credit  Political will- it will be difficult to convince leaders that there is a global problem that super cedes all other problems.  Norm Evolution- United Nations conference The Environment- A Global Policy Problem International Regimes can create rules that overcome state power and states can be bound treaties. International regimes use “issue-linkage” for example the link between environment and security, or environment and development forces states to corporate i.e the Rio Summit Constructivists talk about epistemic communities are communities of scientists and experts that look in a particular science and operate at an international level. They share belief about how the world works, and share similar values, they are important because they distribute policy relevant information. They are important in periods of uncertainty e.g The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Globalization and Transnational Actors It is a different world than what we had 2
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