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Political Science
Andrew Lui

POL SCI 2I03 – Lecture – Oct.24.2012. UN and Security Council  Ended off talking about international law last week.  Introducing the UN today.  It was established after WW2 to correct failures of League of Nations  What are the constraints? This is part of int'll law  Some think it will involve into an international government  Security council purposely put in to have veto power; most powerful organ of UN which can legitimate the use of force or not. It's built in there on purpose. *P5*  Why? They wanted to mitigate great power warfare.  Civil wars: we don’t know how to address these kinds of wars because they are not part of the institutional design on UN.  So built into the UN, you can see several tensions. 1. To mitigate great power warfare 2. The interest of all other states, balancing act that is not easy to achieve. Originally had 60 states after WW1  Then the number tripled. But you still see this great power thing in the security council  Look at UN charter (drafted in San Francisco) [There will be a quote on A2L]  The quote sounds "nice and fluffy".  Article 2.7 says that there should be universal rights, and all should be equal but sovereignty reigns supreme and so political power is supreme.  Those sort f paradoxes are there in black and white.  The UN can authorize the use of force  Chapter 7 is one of the most important articles contained in UN charter; it is called action with respect to aggression; saying the use of force is legitimate.  Taking military units from states can be authorized by UN  Also to legitimate use of force in certain circumstances AS WELL as to mitigate great power warfare.  EX. Iraq 1991, first Gulf War ; UN operation  EX. Korean War 1950 ; sanctioned by UN ; partly in protest to things going on in that area  Article 42
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