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Political Science 2J03 Week 1 lecture 1.docx

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Political Science
Richard Mc Master

Political Science 2J03  European Competition: o Spain at war 81% of the time o England 53% o France 52%  Innovation in military technology o Cannons and ships  Raising Revenue: gain access to wealth to rage war o Collected more in taxation than Ming China o allow companies to exist to fight back against the empire (capitalism occurred from the seeking of allies rather than by conscription) o Monopoly trading rights to joint stock companies o Bankers/Company directors etc.  No hegemon to enforce bans on exploration o No overwhelming force that can control term of different monarchs therefore you can never have a decree to ban oversea exploration.  Religious fervor o Christianity late medieval had outward approach in cosmology compared to Confucius o Can make life difficult and hard for those living within western Europe o ^ Religious pressure on minority groups who were against Anglican church or whatever church o And they wanted to leave to find a state not so consumed in religion  European expansion had to occur after the Mongols came  graph: legacy of colonialism  graph: regime type  graph: GDP per capita o lower GDP = colonial of the past
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