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Political Science
O' Briem

Global Political Economy 2J03 January 11 2012January 12 2012GPE PerspectivesEconomic NationalistLiberalCritical Approaches OutlineRead Chapters 12 of the textTheory Overview of perspectivesApproach of the book Not Covered most of Chapter 2discussion of the 4 key scholars methodologies debate and globalization and IPETheoryWhyo Ordering facts Access to information Limitless to what you are going to discoverYou need to figure out what facts you are going to deal with What is your starting point Theory allows to examine them and challenge them Ex Global warming different perspectives suggest look at different actors state corporations liberal population o PredictionIf we do A B will happenEx Raising taxes what will happen to the economyIf you adopt a particular actions you should get a particular resultCloser to a science based modelo UnderstandingPrediction isnt the main use of theoryUnderstanding is the main use of theoryThere are too many variables to affect the situation that will allow you to successfully predicto ActionInforming people of what is the most appropriate action under the circumstancesDepending on your perspectives you will end up with very different policy descriptions for the same problem Why so many o For someone for some purpose
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