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Global Political Economy 2J03 January 18 2012thThe 19 CenturyProductive Power o Changes led to political power o Industrial revolution Political PowerOutlineKey pointsProductive power industrial revolutionPolitical Power Pax BritannicaPolitical Power Imperialism 15 Key Points1 Wealth and Power to elites of industrial revolution o Concentrated in industrialized states o Goes to the richest social people in that state2 Liberal markets created at a cost o Human cost o Ex For the industrial revolution to be successful you had to create a workforce violent processSurvival at stake 3 Free trade overshadowed by protectionism and imperialismo Gold age of free trade o Free Trade was only one part of the system4 International order rested on inert domestic politics o System of international order was reliant on domestic politicsWere not democratic states o International arrangements at the time could only work if insulated by domestic politics5 Industrial revolution changed global balance of powero Signified the dominance of the Western states o Separates Western states from other states o Countries that were able to industrialized were relevantly wealthy Productive Power Industrial RevolutionWhat was it o 1 Machinery applied to production o 2 New sources of energycoal and steam o 3 Key IndustriesTextiles steel railroads shipbuilding o 4 Factory labour forcein order it to happen you need to gather a workforce
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