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Political Science
O' Briem

Global Political Economy February 29 2012 2J03 Division of LabourLecture OutlineDefinitionsoDivisions of LabourPerspectives o Liberalism and its criticsDevelopmentso International to global o Migration Key Issues DefinitionsDivision of Labour How people fit into the production process o Divisions via birth race gender merit force or market o Impact on life chances quality of life Just where you live can determine how long you live o Human face of IPE and IR Theoretical Perspectives Adam Smith and his criticsSmith and the LiberalsNationalist and Critical Views Smith and the Liberals1776 Wealth of NationsFather of liberalismKnown for his concept of the invisible hand Secret of economic progress o Division of labourPin example o Factory making pins one person can make a pin do everything you have to do or you can get a number of different people to do one task this option is more productiveProductivity from practice time saving simplifying for machinesCaused by desire self love and differences o Its natural that people specialize Implications for LiberalsMarkets should be expanded to increase division of labouro Better to have a bigger market more sophisticated the division of labour is therefore it is more productive Benefits flow to all member of societyComparative advantage free trade economic opening all flow from this
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