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Political Theory - Class 3 Republic Book 1 Outline Plato is the author, Socrates is the main character, who is a teacher, questions and criticizes peoples speech. The trial of Socrates. Accused of poisoning the minds of young men and skepticing the gods. You are not qualified to judge me. When in prison refuses to flee and died an honorable death drank hemlock and committed suicide. Socrates doesn’t obey the law but questions it no matter what. He represents a dramatic tension between critical thinking and being a good citizen. Book 1 goes through many different characters. The move between is a deceive shift to certain people. Democratic to sophistic… Piraeus – most democratic part of Athens. Socrates goes down to the democratic with his brother making a judgment out of disinterest. Polemarchus is coheresed by force to stay. You are forced to reflect about politics as a philosopher. To ask can it be made just. Beings with Cephalous (justice is giving to each what is owed), says he is relieved to be an old man because he has no desire to have sex. Before I couldn’t get serious about life because he was plighted with desire. However, if you don’t have the desire for knowledge you’re never going to achieve it. If you want to figure out what justice is it has to matter to you over everything else. The talk of money, Socrates inquires Cephalous gets so uninterested he hands it down Polemarchus. It would seem justice is about physical property, however we have to move away from it and see it differently. Polemarchus is seen as the village idiot, he gives the idea that it is giving to people what is owed, this is not correct. He meant you give the friends the good things and harms to enemies. He represents the common sense morality of a democracy. Socrates points out this is public opinion not knowledge, doesn’t have the tools to figure out what is right about the formula and what is wrong.
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