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Political Science
John W Seaman

Class 6 The theme of the republic is justice and particularly of what to do about the rule by some over others Book 3 talks about the education of the guardians. It is also a question of institutional practice amongst the practice into true guardians Book 3 Adimantus Legal order 405A: In the perfectly just city there will be no lawsuits, we will no laws because a perfectly just society there aren’t disputes… It’s the illumination of conflict. Eugenics law: is a program of state engineering to prohibit some people to reproduce and others to, so ethic purity continues. Socrates says a just city will require some type of Eugenics law. (410A) The purpose of the doctor was to kill the people with bad nature, they will only cause trouble. To ensure best nature is around and bad nature is out. That leads Socrates to a refinement of what a true guardian is 412B/C to D – the best of the farmers aren’t they the most skillful of farming… The guardian skill is exactly like the knowledge and skill of a craftsman. It is a technique. A true guardian not only is an expert in ruling, but he also cares for his city. This is someone whose entire self is identified with the city and political community. It is distinct from the community as a whole. Immediate identity, the object the self. There is something in the institution that must have a different way of self. Now we see further class differentiation for guardians, from which we will get the real rulers/guardians. Then they are given rewards and honors, endless propaganda this produces the famous nobel lie – has a particular purpose, is to naturalize something that is not. 414b-c – all of these people who have gone under this rigorous education, they only thought they were going under that when they were really creating themselves. (iron and bronze) The lie is to make something appear natural when it was ruling and education. We like in a meritocracy, we all have equal change and the top get there from superior ability. The points about the Nobel lie, for any rule to appear legitimate it must blend with nature. Any stable community over time must be legitimate and all its members must see that order and its way of distributing
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