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James Ingram

Review 2 Big themes Private prop Locke: only becomes your prop when you use your labour on it, natural law, prop created by labour, mixing labour with earth, prop should be useful, its protection is main purpose of gov Rosseau: no man should have enough prop to buy another man (in social contract) – the social contract protects property, he doesn’t want you to have enough to have power over others, govt is a lie to protect the rich from the poor – prop exists because general will allows it to – locke you have prop in nature, before its legist, ross social contract you have prop because we agree to it, we allow u to have it Marx: private prop should be held in common not indivual ownership, what rule is that they own the prop and make us work for them Weber: its not the sole thing why ppl do things Role of govt/state Locke: govt is for protecting your private property, includes,liberty and prop Rosseau: our freedom is guaranteed by govt by deciding on social will and putting our interests behind We rule govt as general will..govt works for us. Marx: state is executie committee of ruling class.state protects ruling class from everyone else..if we didn’t have ruling class, we wouldn’t need state Weber: state is logical evolution from feudalism..consolidation of all powers under one govt..monopolizes given state.. Social contract Locke: consent based legitimacy..given up rights to form diff from hobbes social contract, in that the laws of nature give you rights before you form govt..lockes social contract is limited by the laws of nature...hobbes: protect ppl from killing each other..matter of life and death..locke: makes life easier, more convenient, right to rebel against tyranny, you can get out of lockes social contract, you are stuck in hobbes s.c Rosseau: differs from lockes: book 1 chp 6 3 para, !!!!!!!!!! ros: you can be forced to be free locke: contract btwen ppl and gov hobbes: we make contract with govt ross: we submit ourselves to each other, to the community, not to a ruler..thats why we can be forced to be free..”to find a way that we can ..”..each indiv can remain as free as before..diff betwn locke and ross..u can join society but be as free as in nature..locke you need to give up some freedom to join society Ross: you can be as free as in nature because he man gains as much as he looses, no oppressing anyone, we need to obey same rules...the laws that you obey are the ones you created still free Ross: social contract in 2 dis.: pro
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