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Political Science
James Ingram

Pol Sci finish the republic by the 27th - book two - gluocon tells the audience a myth: even a just man will act unjustly, no one man can be just - will the heart of man go towards injustice if they can get away with it? - requests Socrates to explain justice is good in itself (if ppl act just because they are scared the gods will punish them in the afterlife - Socrates answers by answering the question what is justice (on two levels, in the state and in the individual) its easier to see what justice is in a large object (state) - Socrates proceeds with the construction of a just state before proceeding to justice in the individual - begins his model by suggesting that when we watch a city coming to be we will also see justice and injustice come to be - socrates claims that cities and societies come into being becuase people are not self- sufficient, they need things that they themselves cannot provide (food, housing, clothing) - socrates lays down crucial principle: there must be a division of labour because different men have different nature and capacities - each thing becomes more plentiful and finer and productive with one person exempt from all other tasks does one thing in their own nature - one person, one job - person picks a job based on their own skills - he then asks about the production of these basic necessities - there has to be labour, market, money - class division between labourers and processors - Glucon complains that socrates' model of a simple society "these men have their feast without relish" his economy is constructed with only the basic necessities of life (the raw hamburger) - Glucon suggests more luxuries and that his simple society is made for salves - Socrates says a true city is a healthy city and a simple city but if you want to lets exemplify a feverish city as well - "the simple city is a healthy city while the luxurry city is the feverish city" - however he says in a luxury civil society, we can explain how justice and injustice can emerge - and because he wants to see this he must construct a luxury city model (adding the relishes that glucon previously demanded) - adds cakes, perfumes, poets, actors, teachers, doctors, nurses, beauticians, hair dressers - given his hesitancy we would expect that he built this luxury city to show the consequences and the resul
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