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Pol Sci September 20

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McMaster University
Political Science
James Ingram

Political Theory 2O06 September 20, 2013 Lifestyle of the Guardians - guardians perfective philosopher ruler - have to live a specific style of life that reinforces the content of their education - the life of communism, the equality of the sexes Communism - communism is an appropriate way of life only for the guardian class and theres not to be communism for the masses of other citizens - communism effects the issue of ownership of material things but also merit partners and children - no ruler or auxilary can possess any private property beyond what is "entirely necessary" - no one is to have any dwelling that is not open to anyone else (can't lock door) - guardians are to receive from other citizens only a thick wage that leaves nothing left over at the end of the year (no pension for old age btw) - all live together like soldiers in a can - forbidden to handle or even touch gold or silver - private property in marriage partners is forbidden - children of guardians are also not to be privately owned, they are to be owned by the whole community - Socrates says communism is necessary to avoid civil conflict between guardian classes and the rest of the citizens (whenever they possess private land, they will be householders or farmers instead of guardians) Gender Equality - socrates asks a fundamental question: do we believe that the females of the guardian dogs must.. - socrates argues that men and women do not differ in their capacity to be guardians or warriors/rulers ("our guardians and our women must practice the same thing" - same education, equal chance in becoming auxiliaries or philosopher rulers - gymnastics needs to be done in the nude, so how will they have the same education? - socrates argues that it wouldn't appear ridiculous to philosophers, and it is not shameful or ridiculous - would it make birth rates decline to have women and men do gymnastics together in the nude? - duties of the guardians: - prevent the development of both riches and poverty in both extremes - the philosopher kings and queens are responsible for overseeing the education of the children (education based on false tales and censorship developed by Socrates) - the guardians must be facilitators in interclass mobility (send children who are not fit to be guardians to lower class, and vice versa) - become priests - responsible for carrying on war with the neighbo
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