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McMaster University
Political Science
Richard Stubbs

COLONIALISM! – 2XX3 October 9, 2013 - Capitalism and the developing world, still incomplete, unfinished; - One of the main expressions is the finding of different modes of production in the developing country 1. Forces within the political process struggling to gain access to power 2. If power resides on the state; versus power residing on society C OLONIALISM ? In order to challenge western views: 1. On the construction of the third world a. Invented on the unequal manner; b. In order to challenge some of the basic tenets of modernization theory; that people are underdeveloped because of culture, science, and everything that we associate with modernity. c. The creation of the third world in the 16 century, tells you this is nonsense! The 1600s marks the take off in European expansion; bringing these new ideas and new models; to claim that people in the third world are underdeveloped does not make sense, we‟ve been part of the same capital system. 2. On isolation a. Eric Wolfe; anthropologist at the same time that dependency theorist were gaining momentum, wrote a book called “Europe and the people without History” – Took to task that this European view that the indigenous people were the same since time in memorial, that these people have not been able to develop science, culture, etc. these people were uncivilized, and this is another modernization argument, but there‟s a lot of scientific things that were developed by these „underdeveloped‟ people. 3. On people‟ without history a. That there was nothing until the European brought science to them is questionable, and arguable. 4. On the construction of the “other” a. Have to do with the way in which European continue to label people in the developing world; b. As primitive “the dark continent” c. By religion i. Came with the conquest and colonization of Latin America; that assumes that people of Latin America were primitive until the church came in, and the church went immediately that Africans were not God‟s children, which legitimated the massive slave trade. ii. After slavery was abolished, the Europeans went and colonized Africa. First you slave them, declare them free and then colonize them. How was colonization justified? d. By science i. Justified on scientific rationality, by arguing that African people were inherently inferior; IQ tests were invented to demonstrate that some people are inferior to others. e. By culture (to justify the „clash‟ of civilizations thesis”) i. We continue to demonstrate that they‟re primitive, through culture; IT is their attitude, behaviour and personalities that make them underdeveloped. 5. The question of compensation “unresolved land question” Angie © McMaster University Fall 2013 COLONIALISM! – 2XX3 October 9, 2013 a. The European came and got their land; and indigenous people still demand that their land be returned to them. b. Unresolved issue of compensation that the l
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