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McMaster University
Political Science
Nibaldo Galleguillos

Development 10/1/2013 6:27:00 AM Traditional Society --------- Modern society Change Evolution Progress Reform Transformation Progress is unlinear, irreversible Modernization theory displays how societies change and evolve. Moving from a traditional society to a modern society with values and norms of modernization this movement is also referred to as development. You cannot go back no matter what Traditional  Ascription particularism diffusiveness; you are born to an ascribed social status and you cannot change that. Basis in ways that we interact with eachother  Extended family  Low social and spatial mobility  Stratified society  Primary activities  Undifferentiated political structure  Traditional sources of authority (religious) Modern  Achievement universalism specificity; lead to treat everyone equally (universal)  Nuclear family  High social and spatial mobility  Differentiated occupational system  Industrial and services  Highly differentiated political structures  Rational legal sources of authority economic benefit that we must diffuse from the north the south SOLUTION: cultural transformation will produce economic rationality how? Through diffusion of north culture and material aid What is wrong with south peoples’ culture that we the north see the need to change?  Modernization as westernization  Modernization without westernization (S. Huntington) Modernizations “Optimistic Equation” Economic growth  Social modernization (edu.)  Modern man/women  Political moderation = Participatory Representative political democracy (Institutionalization) PART 2 Oct 3 2013 Refer to modernization “optimistic equation” Political theories literature are still working in this commodity between revolutionary and developed. Parliamentary democracies and how you can develop in becoming a democracy The Optimistic equation breakdown 1. Economic growth – incorporation into the world economic system via capitalist market forces. Urbanization.  Changes at the local level 2. Social modernization – Educational, expansion, information accessibility. Geographic mobility. Professional bureaucracy.  Will be expansion to adopt a modern upbringing and concerned with traditional people i.e. how the educational experience was from the middle ages where it was very difficult and stuff worth a lot and many people could not be represented. 3. Individual modernization – Universalism. Achievement. Future oriented: New Wo/man  if you apply yourself people believe you would move and begin to see a new man and new women in the new democratic states and socialists and communists world 4. Political moderation: material improvement causes loss of political radicalism  better informed comes along with people losing their radicalism which are concerns of large countries such as US and begin to develop more modern political views to support liberal democracies. 5. Establishment of a representative
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