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December 4, 2013 - 3B03 Lecture Note.docx

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Political Science
Richard Stubbs

Started on 1242013 53500 AMCLASS NOTES FOR 3B03 McMaster University Fall 2013WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 4 2013 Exam Essay questionStatements and discuss make a caseQIs the developmental state dead Before we looked at what factors brought it into being facilitative conditions policies then came the end of the cold war and globalizationHas the developmental state been undermined by the end of the cold war or by globalizationCan we find elements of the developmental stateCOALITIONSwho belongs to each of these coalitions Developmental StateNeoliberal System Bureaucrats who believe in state intervention American trained economists often called Big businesses that receive subsidiesTechnocrats believe in free trade open economy Infant industries that receive subsidies etc mercantilism model Multinational Corporations that have a particular SMES Small medium enterprises that want to plant factories etc Tend to be interested in free trade be protected against cheap goods that undermine because their concern is that if there are protective their role in the marketmarkets South Korea etc this will encourage Politicians whose constituencies are big protection of other countries and make it more businesses infant industries SMES etc who d
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