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Political Science
Henry J.Jacek

Political speeches and public policy April 2 Guest Speaker Politicians use speeches to define policy probs and solutions Theory: issue definition, agenda setting, framing (Soroka, Stone, Snow and Benford) Theory: hegemonic ideas and naturalizing the unnatural (Gramsci) “the idea of the all powerful market that must not be constrained by any rules, by any political intervention, was mad. The idea that markets were always right was mad. The present crisis must incite us to refound capitalism on the basis of ethics and work. Self regulation as a way of solving all problems is finished. Laissez faire is finished. The all powerful market that always knows best is finished.” – former French President Nicholas Sarkozy, 2008. Analzying argument in political speeches: critical discourse analysis One method for analyzing speech arguments is Critical Discourse Analysis Goals, or imaginaries Circumstances or causal stories Means-goals Values Alternatives Discrediting alternatives Example: naturalizing the neoliberal green economy in Ontario and Michigan In what ways have policy elites in Michigan and Ontario used green economy arguments to: 1. naturalize neoliberal capitalism 2. justify social... Goal premise Imaginary Is a vision of not what is, but what can be Believable and achievable Meets the wants and needs of everyone The ‘green economy’ A solution to economic and ecological crises? But what actually is a
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