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Political Science
Henry J.Jacek

1 Political Communication Jan 16 Read Chapter 12 - Press coverage and Media relations - media release turned into newspaper article - info that is left out, etc. - quotes that are repeated in the article that was in the media release - what makes a good media release - see sheet - most important facts come first in a media release Week 3 Jan 20 Chapter 12 Press Coverage and Media Relations Cycle: Human Emotional Response – (new action; changes of initation of new response) – to Action – (political communication) – to Human Picture of ___ - back to Human Emotional Response Negative view towards democracy and the ppl...easy to sway the public..dangerous..public doesn’t know how to judge political communications in effective way Feeling of optimism as we enter 19 Ch Democracy, affluence and wealth increasing By 1914, hope and expectations are dashed..beginning of first WW Which ended up being a long, drawn out war with many casualties The ottoman and Russian empires fall apart The fall of the eagels: the german empire which looses the war, the Russian empire which crashes, the hungoaustrian empire These three governments/monarchs fall apart political and intellectual leaders first interpretation -the democratic countries won the war (Britain, US etc) Won because they communicated better with civilians 2 Democracy meant better communication with soldiers and ppl on home front -the Russian empire lost the war Advantage of democracy: communication But democracies do not always tell the truth..need to influence citizens They vilified their enemy..posters...the Huns (barbarians) Have to keep moral up you’re winning So invented a make believe battle..allies the brits would feel better and keep up their support Walter lipman understood public opinion Ppl respond to their understanding of the they interpret what happened Democrats had better communication with leaders and ppl Facist communists thought they can do better ...1920s/30s Rise of communism..hitler in germany, franco in spain, soviet union Anti democratic regimes..tried to emulate by using 1. radio and 2. Cinema So married these to traditional forms of communication: speeches, parades Films especially used...for greatest propaganda ie the triumph of the will Classic piece of political propaganda Large parades akin to victory parade in roman times..given praise to ruler British started first survey to collect info on poor 1920s Showed results to politicians The british working class needs to be brought in to democracy as well Used by democratic govts to extend democracy and pay attention to everyone in society not only the upper and middle classes Use the polling to understand gov and ppl and moreover to sell products..know what they want Aim to get better pic of ppl are reacting to things Polling of mass public = democratic 3 Had big impact on political communication (some time later) Technique used in roman empire Census: how many ppl are living in a society Problem was methods were used that were not representative ie quota samples used in 1920s + 30s in 1932 US election..major polling firm used a telephone survey and found republic candidate would win but he lost...lost credibility..reason many did not have telephones or could not afford only wealthy ppl were surveyed..unrepresentative of the population reason for rural poverty is the of outdated agri techniques Did not produce enough food How could affluent germany start wwii? Jan 22 Political comm can have neg attribute ie poltical spin=pol propaganda and not useful in conduct of affairs WWI – was expected to be
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