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Poli Sci 3BB3 Jan. 20th 2014

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Political Science
Henry J.Jacek

Poli Sci 3BB3 Read Chapter 12 3 Dominant Components in Political Communication 1) Notion that political communication is based on propaganda (political spin) a. Believe people in democracies are a blank slate and can be swayed as well as filled with information very easily. b. Started in ancient Greece: believe oligarchs/monarchs should run the society. As people became educated they believed they deserved more of a say .. representative democracy. Switched to the British .. eventually the prime minister , cabinet, legislature, executive really held the power as compared to the King. c. Executive and legislative govt are fused together in Canada and separated in the US (Key difference) d. The democratic countries won the first world war and the Russians lost (was the idea)  advantage of democracy: they were able to communicate better with their citizens , soldiers and armies to keep their armies fighting and communicated with people on the home front to keep producing goods. MAJOR factor: it kept people willing to participate in war. e. Germans made to look bad  called them the Huns because they were barbaric f. Must “create” victory  tell your people you are winning g. The Book  told people to be careful of political communication i. When people respond to action they do so from the pre conceived pictures in their heads ii. ActionHuman Picture of the Action  Emotional Response 2) Radio & Cinema (autocratic mostly) a. Speeches, parades, d
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