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Session 4Political Sci 3EE3 Summer 2013

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McMaster University
Political Science
Dr.J.A.Sandy Irvine

Session 4 5/16/2013 3:10:00 PM Quick Case Study Given the historical development of relationships between the North and the South, which of theories of which we skimmed on are best to explain and understand that relationship?  Theories  Realism, Liberalism  Power, ideas  Need for security NeoGramiasm  Hegemony Thing… Extraction of resources, Capitalist/Elitist Class  NeoMarxism Ideas are powerful in shaping the ways in which we behave between the North and the South If it‟s about power and it‟s dominance in the System  Realism Spreading of democracy, spreading of human rights, globalizing in a world that is unifying us in terms of our economies  Liberalism Last Class  History of Colonialism/Imperialism o Extractive, conflict under wraps, cultural, political, economic legacies  Process of decolonization  Impact on state-building o Conflict etc  Cold war‟s “hot” wars  Post-cold war o Neglect, economic interest, security interest (specially post 9/11)  Global North‟s legacies, role of the USA Framing  “Nothing Important can come from the South. History has never been produced in the south. The axis of history starts in Moscow, goes through Bonn….”  Key Questions o Does History Matter? o How would you describe the historical relationship between the GN and the GS? o How do you think the historic relationship shapes the current and future development of the GN and the GS relationship  Resentment? o Has this history affected the potential success of the Global South? o If need be – Can the situation be fixed? Administration  Schedule Case 1 st o May 21 prep lecture o May 28 Case simulation o June 4 case portfolio due  Simulation o Series of questions; looking to link themes and facts of the case; good questions are important; we may conclude we need more information – and ask what is it that we would need to know. Cases  Case prepatory lecture (lecture a week before simulation) o Background information  Case simulation prep (week before simulation) o Read article o Do research o Prepare annotated bibliography  Paragraphs explaining the information on the article that was read  Case Simulation o Participation 5%  Case portfolio – due in lecture one week after simulation o Annotated bibliography o Answer to three short questions  10-11 Articles NATO Air Strikes should be used to support anti-Government forces in Syria  Risk Nato Strikes Time Line  1918 British backed Arab troops lead by Emir Faisal, end 400 years of Ottoman Rule  1919 using self-determination of league of nations Syrian leaders argue for elections of a Syrian national congress  1920 congress elects Feisal king over traditional lands from turkey to Sinai Dessert  1920 French break up new kingdom and take control  1940 Syria What actors are involved in this?  Syria  Israel – What is Israel‟s interest?  Who is Assad?  Who are the good guys? Who are the „bad‟ guys?  How would you describe this part of the world? What would the Middle East look like without Western Interventions? What is the situation in Syria like?  Do they need to intervene? What is the interest of the actors? What is the relationship with Syrian? Who are its allies? How has Syrian history affected its positions? What type of obligations does the north have to intervene? Can we speak of obligations? Portfolio Questions  How does the History of the Region affect the decisions to enter
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